GCE: Virtual Prototyping System for Maritime Winch Operation (2016-2017)

Project partners

NTNU i Ålesund, Mechtronics Lab
Offshore Simulation Center
Seaonics AS

Project period


Project type

RFFMIDT pre-project

Short project description

This project is to develop a virtual prototyping for winch system design, allowing for the configuration of all subsystems, including mechanical sub-system, control sub-system, hydraulic sub-system and verification of operational performance as a part of the design process. The developing simulation environment concept for design, testing, training, and education.  The project has the following working packages.

W1: Develop a standard Virtual Prototyping for winch system design and operations.

W2: Develop generic models for all key structures, parts and sub-units of winch system

W3: Develop industry demonstrators

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